What’s your ticket refund policy?

We do not refund tickets.

Is the event rescheduled if it rains?

The Yadkin Valley Wine Festival is a rain or shine event.

Can I bring in a cooler or back pack?

We do not allow coolers or back packs, if you have dietary needs or have an infant and must have a cooler or back pack they will be inspected.

Are dogs allowed?

No Pets allowed.  Service Dogs Only!  Must follow current Federal Laws.

I don’t drink wine, can I bring beer?

No outside alcohol is prohibited.

What happens if I forget my ID?

No ID: No tasting, buying or drinking on premises.

Can I set up a tent?

There is a designated area for tents located behind the band shell. We strive not to block the view from anyone trying to enjoy the entertainment.  If you would like to rent a tent that is located in a prime location, please goto the menu bar, click Get Involved then Tent Rental.  Please download the application and send it to us before the deadline.

I have a concealed weapon permit, can I carry?

No!  North Carolina states that you can not carry at any place alcohol beverages are consumed or sold.

How can I volunteer?

We always love having volunteers. Volunteers are needed in order to make this event successful. All volunteers get a T-shirt and Free Parking. If you are interested please visit our main page, click Get Involved then Volunteers.

Can I drink wine a friend buys if I don’t have a tasting band?

No!  If you purchase, taste or drink wine on the premises, you must have had your age verified and paid for a tasting band.